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Consolidating Your Super is easy, Ignoring it Could be Costly

Lostyoursuper.com.au will use the ATO portal to track your super. 

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Why it makes sense to consolidate your super

With more than $20.8 billion in lost or unclaimed super, now is the time to find and consolidate Your Lost Super

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Reduce unnecessary administration fees

Why pay three sets of administration fees for three super accounts? Consolidating your super means you only pay one set of fees to administer and manage your super

It’s never been easier to find your super

Consolidating your super is quick and easy. Plus, recent government reforms mean that there are no exit fees if you change, leave or roll over your super from one fund to another

Leverage compounding growth

Find your lost super and make sure that every dollar is working harder for your retirement by optimising maximum potential from consolidated savings

Target higher returns from another fund

Larger funds typically have lower average costs. Assess how your super fund has performed and whether you might be able to grow your retirement savings by choosing to roll over your super into another fund

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Using the ATO portal we'll track down all your super accounts and find out if you have any insurance policies

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